25 before 25

 Well, this time it's gonna be such a big list! I don't even know why I'm doing this (ok, I know, my best friend suggested) but it just seems so crazy and ambitious. Let's see if I can do this.
1- Learn how to paint
2- Travel a lot
3- Have one of those really nice and expensive cameras
4- End my degree (but continue learning!)
5- Learn how to play the piano and/or the guitar
6- Have my own sewing machine
7-Actually manage to have a long lasting relationship
8- Belong to a Reading Club (just like in movies!)

9- Have a big n' great collection of poetry and cd's
10- Make APA a great association, full of love, joy, and solidarity
11- Understand a lot more about art and stars.
12- CAMP (I can't believe I'm still 18 and I still haven't done it!)
13- Have my own fashion blog
14- Continue writing and, if it's actually possible, publish what I write
15- Participate in an Interrail
16- Don't lose more friends and meet more people
17- Read, like, 500 books!
18- No one else in my family dies until 25
19- Have my own place, a place where I can call it 'home' (even if it's a tent)
20- Participate and finish the task in NanoWrimo
21- Do voluntary work 
22- Do some fucking tattoos
23- Dye my hair! 
24-Own (even if online) a shop only with kawaii and homemade things
25- Have my 3 dream cats: Oslo, Stockholm and Milan.

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