sexta-feira, 10 de janeiro de 2014

Audition day

Scared with my own nightmare,
I'm breathless, I wake up.
Am I sure about this reality?
Punching the walls,
the agony is filling me.

Scared with my own nightmare,
I'm breathless, I wake up.
The acts are the same, the feelings
take control of me.
Pain again.

No tear fall from me,
A promise never acomplished.
An ocean between me and an illusion.
Screaming for help,
I'm breathless, I wake up.

Weird way to start the year. Not a bad way though - exams (sucked, maybe i'll fail but, at least, I wrote a beautiful discussion text about memory and books), a pc for my own (not new but it works just fine and it's mine, thank you, João ❥), reading a lot, writing even more, taking some cool pictures, life is going all right. Been thinking a lot though (as usual). My life has been a constant earthquake since July of last year. Well, maybe since February, that's when we started drinking, smoking, doing things we should do but not controlling ourselves. But mainly July, when I broke up with Tiago (who is now a big friend of mine, thank the gods we both grew up and learnt with our mistakes) and started hanging out with Luís. Looking back, I feel that the relationship was doomed to fail and I should've seen it sooner. I just wasn't happy, I was confortable. There's definately 1001 ways to love someone and I was loving him in a way I didn't wanted to.Well, i've learnt my lesson and right now I'm truly happy, as I've never felt in a while. 

-a Vogue magazine
-a pair of sunglasses
-some cute lingerie
-a pair of military boots
-nail polish & rings


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