quinta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2013



Life right now is going way too fast. I have no time to think or decide what's better, I simply execute the tasks I must do: go to college which, by the way, I am LOVING, never felt so happy in a while. Most of the people are cheerful and warm, especially the ones in praxe. We are a HUGE big family, 59 people, counting only freshmen, with the seniors we might be... 90? Maybe. We are the biggest course in FLUP, 1/3 of praxe is made of us. Although the first two weeks were pure pain but now I'm too used to them and it would be such a mistake if I actually quit. Furthermore, they even know my name (although they normally call me ketchup or menstruation hair........ I shouldn't have painted my hair after classes started).
Trying to study hard and go into 'college mode' but it's just so hard! I feel that, when in comes to my behaviour, I'm still in 10th grade and I'm not sure if that's a positive thing.
I seriously wish I could write more but, right now, my mind is a big ball of feels and occurrences and my body and mind are trying to participate in everything. Praise the lord that my schedule gives me a free friday or else I would be even more lost! 
see you soon. 

P.s- The new song of Avril Lavigne is sooooo good! Seems like our old Avril is back. Missed her.


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