sexta-feira, 15 de novembro de 2013


 Today I had such a weird day. In fact, such a weird week - felt like a wanderer, as if everyday was an adventure. I couldn't focus that much on classes, so I read and wrote a lot (obviously about everything apart from lectures). And my friends kind of ran away from me. I felt very lonely this week although I spent all the time surrounded by people. I got closer to people from praxis, one of my closest friends went to lunch in FLUP, I spent hours with my beloved boyfriend. Yet, I dreamt about people that I wished they stayed with me; feels weird to be separated from them - is it because of pride, destiny or we simply can't understand each other? Maybe all and that's what annoys me the most. Pride since it blinds our eyes with lies we tell ourselves and we can't move because, inside, most of us are cowards. Destiny simply because I believe there's a thin line that guides us, even if we break it, sooner or later,even if it's 1% (including mathematics language in speeches about the abstract, irony all the way) similar to the first plan. , it will happen. What hurst the most is the fact that we can't understand each other now but, in our past, we could. Why? What changed so much? Is it us? The people around us? Our hobbies and music taste?  Can't complain though, I'm such a complex girl.

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