quinta-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2013

two thousand thirteen

I really wish I could actually sum up this year but it seems impossible! It was waaaay too intense and I don't even know if that's good or not. I guess the best word to describe this year is- Change. I changed way too many times, everyday I felt I was different, sometimes unrecognizable even to myself. I grew up a lot and I also screwed up a lot. I learnt how to respect and love myself more often, but I can also see clearly my flaws; it's a very unique feeling, something i've never felt it before - I can see everything, all the players, all the moves. I can tell when it's going right or wrong. When I fail, 99% it's because I want do follow my desires, not because I couldn't see.
Yes, it was, overall, a kind of good year. What's a 'good year' anyway? I don't think no one has ever had a 'good year', not even in our innocent time - something terrible always happens. The best we can have is a 'kind of good year' - when you try your best to think only about the blessings you had.

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