quarta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2014

what's pretty much going inside of my head

(I once went to a girl's birthday prty and this was her cake. She was 13.)

                                              (Oh London, I miss you like hell! I even miss your food)

                                   (a work from the arts class from my last school, found this inspiring!)

      (I miss summer and I miss alcohol)
                                                                                   (Super exciteeeeeed)

                                    (a really creppy pic from a book I had to study for MTP. Found it pretty though)
                                                                             (friends 5ever with Daniel in FLUP)
                                                                                         (Study mood-on!)
            (Reading my own stories out loud- It makes me 'feel better' the 'vibe' of the story and if i wanna keep it or not)
                              (Some cute (not) drawings I made for Mariana's birthday! Pretty much represents us all *)
      (food! Nomnom, lately I've been trying to be healthy:still not working but I'm eating less fast food, which is a sign!)
                                                                         (New phones, fell in love with these!)
                                                            (MELI, just leave me alone -I hope I pass the exam...)
                                                             (Listening the new 1D album non-stop! ❀‿❀)
                                                   (Reading the book- Get addicted with Percy Jackson saga! #geek)
                 (Bought some cute stuff, to cheer up - a make-up bag, a backpack made of demin and a water bottle)
                          (Ano has already more than 8,000words! So glad I'm finally writing something I really like)
                                                                              (João Neiva...being João Neiva)
                                       (FINALLY SOME PRETTY AND GOOD QUALITY MILITARY BOOTS DAMN)xoxoxoxoxoxo

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