terça-feira, 18 de fevereiro de 2014


Uhr means 'clock' or 'hour' in german and right now is my must word since I'm learning the hours in german (again. I should start paying more attention). I wish I could say I'm relaxed or enjoying life but only now I can understand the meaning of living and not enjoying it. For once, I would like to stop and watch my life slowly, I miss watching anime, reading heavy books and writing everytime I feel like it. Right now, I only have important sutff to work on: better grades this semester, have a long last relationship, earn money and spend very little (sparing for summer!), make APA a great association (not easy at all), help Team END as much as I can, enjoy praxis, keep healthy and fit, take care of my blogs/twitter/instagram/weheartit and don't lose more friends. And these are just the basic things.Ugh.
Either way, I've already achieved so many goals and it's only February. I guess I'll keep fighting and I'll have summer to admire everything! (...If the final exams let me. omg.)


[So in the mood for going to cafés and drink caffe latte and macarons]

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