domingo, 9 de março de 2014


I feel like I keep repeting myself again and again but, right now, I need to write and to calm down or I won't be able to study and I have a test tomorrow (which I'm not prepared at all, I'm scared as hell, why am I on deutsch). Yesterday I had a kind of late Carnival party, which I liked but... there was something wrong. I seriously need to change my attitude because sometimes I feel like I'm too polite or too correct? Something like that. I have so many rules and strategies for my own, everything I do, before doing it, I think about it - if it's something crazy, it's because I chose to ignore the consequences. But I never do something reckless. And I might say 'omg chill girl' but I can't and I don't mind, I work better under pressure. Either way, what I wanted to say - I feel like I'm in the middle and I'm not sure if that's good or bad. I have buddies who pretend they're drunk (just because they wanna be cool) and then I have others who challenge their parents and work for their dreams. Then there's me.
I feel like I should start working harder - not dreaming higher, because my dreams are soooo big, trust me, I have dreams for a lifetime! I just feel like sometimes I waste too many time admiring and getting inspired with other people's dreams and I don't work for myself. It's time to start new things, keep the old ones and work non-stop. I'm tired? Then I sleep. I can't spend that much time playing, dancing around and dreaming. I can't talk that much and don't work at all - don't get me wrong, I am the master of words and dreams but I feel like I should be more...pratical. And I'll work on that for now on.


p.s- I'm so craving some cutie pair of sunglasses.

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