sexta-feira, 21 de março de 2014

Locked out from heaven

I feel so stupid for saying this but boy I'm so mad for having a fine in my college's library - 3,50€ is such a big amount of money for a college student! Oh well, I have to be more responsible.
Speaking for responsabilities: I have finaly finished Ano! It's short n' small and people might be like ' took almost 2 years of you life to write only 70pages?' but guess what? yeah, I did take that long BUT at least it's the first time that I write something that I reaaaally enjoyed. Sometimes I'm like 'omg Ano go away I'm too nervous' but I guess that's because I don't know how the feedback will be. I don't know if i'll ever get published! People might not know but editor's world is simply crazy! We only have 'books made to be enjoyable' and 'realistic and artistic books'. And there are only a few portuguese authors in 'realistic and artistic books' department. I should've writen a cheesy book.
Furthermore, I've been skipping classes waaaay too much - hating my subjects, they are boring to death. I must find some kind of motivation to get through them or else I'll fail this semester and, according to my planned life, there's no time for that.

The good thing about my life lately: been finding some true inspiration to write. Motivation to draw. To learn more about stars and french. So glad these little dreams have finally awaken again, this change to university totally took them away from me. A little space to be creative and dream, just for me. So nice to have my cosy home back.

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