quarta-feira, 26 de março de 2014

Losing sleep

(So in love with John Newman) Yesterday I woke up with parisian feels all over me - I've always been a londoner, always imagined myself using creepers and drinking café latte from Caffé Nero (trust me, it's so much better than Starbucks of Costa); yet, yesterday I wanted to wear sailing shoes, red lipstick and eat croissants (even though I don't even like croissants, only the french ones).
Had a terrible grade at my deutsch test, I tried to be mad with myself but I just couldn't, I knew I had made my best and that I couldn't change the past. Time to move forward. So many changes going on my life, I'm not sure if I can cope with all this. Ugh. I just need summer vacations.And coffee. Tons of coffee.

(I took this picture and, although I really wanna buy a good one, I suck at using them - yet, I love this picture, finally took a good pic, yeeey)

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