domingo, 28 de setembro de 2014

My song 5

A new school year has already begun - you guys couldn't possibly believe how busy I already am, especially with deutsch subjects. How am I supposed to understand metaphors in deutsch? I don't know but my teacher thinks I know.
Praxis has been really hard to handle with, I have no idea how much i'll be able to handle. Sometimes I feel like we're a family but there are times where it's just too lonely and tough to feel. Even though I say to myself it's over once I get out of college, I just feel like giving up. I have so many plans and dreams, what am I doing there?
Me and Luís are back. I seriously missed him. There are still things I want to work on and understand better how we'll be able to last. Seriously, we need to stop breaking up, we had 3 crisis in our relationship in a year. They were all different and we learnt different things from each one but we need to end up these splittings. We need to fight together. There is a different between stability and conformism. Lust and passion isn't the same as love. True love. It's like when you are used to a doll and you recieve a new one - you get all excited and forget the old one but when the new one breaks, you start wishing you stayed with the older. It kind of happens with me and Luís and now I start wondering if we're made for each other. I think we are. I really hope we are.
My experience in the book world is going pretty well! I'm more and more interested on the book community and I started making videos - so far so good.
I feel like I am finaly being more me,you know?

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