segunda-feira, 10 de agosto de 2015

Blame it on the Night

I wish I could but instead I'll blame it on myself. I've been a terrible human being really - I lied to myself for months and I knew this day would come, I just didn't wanted to accept it. How can you accept that your hardwork and love for 2 years was useless? That it just didn't work out and end up throwing it as if it was garbage? You don't. You scream, cry and ask 'why' (yup, it even rhymed).
I don't want his love back - I want his friendship, respect and good memories to share with though. I want his happiness with someone that's worth his attention. I want to put an end on this relationship where we both know that something is wrong; he is always happy, he is easy to please - I'm not. It has always been my fault, I was never satisfied. It took me two years to understand that neither him or me have any type of fault over this. A relationship is made with 2 people and if you're not happy... I mean, I can't help it and I shouldn't be judged for not being pleased with the relationship I have. That doesn't even make sense. Yet, it was logical to me until a few months ago.

Now I've finally realized that I need to stand up for myself.

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